Mesmerised by the adventures of my favourite characters, I discovered new worlds within myself. Their stories inspired me to dream and I would regale my fluffy friends with stories envisioning a better future for us. During dark times I discovered the soothing and protective nature of stories, they helped me feel less abandoned and alone. If the characters in these stories were able to endure the shadow of life, so was I! 

Why did you start MY HUMAN ELEMENT?


To empower people to better understand themselves.

To empower people to find their passion. 

To empower people to share their personal story. 


To empower people to live from the heart.


From a young age, I noticed how people made choices from their head. They had all these ideas about what a happy life looks like. They said one thing but did the other. They shared stories about their successes and how happy they were, yet their sad faces revealed hidden grief. Why were these people holding onto a story that made them unhappy? 


The conflict between head and heart. 


The conflict I observed between the head and the heart, was one I wanted to understand. I started to explore the life experiences that have changed me, stories that I could remember but couldn’t emotionally connect to. My heart felt frozen and it was as though I was not part of my own story.


This is why I decided to investigate my family history. I began a reflective practice; through observing my emotions, thoughts and beliefs I began to uncover how they were shaping my reality. I found power in exploring my story and experienced how my own humanity could connect me to other people. 


Through connecting my head and my heart I was able to take control over my life.


From castles in the sky to reality.


MY HUMAN ELEMENT helps you uncover your personal story, a journey through which you too can begin re-connecting your head with your heart.


This is why, I give workshops and personal training focused on autobiographical storytelling. 


My passion: making the invisible visible through storytelling.  


I have always been fascinated by human emotion, how our emotions and life story influence each other. It amazes me how far we go to ignore, avoid or bury our emotions. For a long time I perceived my emotions as vague and intangible - my thoughts, words and actions were in a constant battle. I suppressed my true emotions behind a mask of forced happiness. I was just deceiving myself and ignoring my heart came with a price, an internal loneliness - my heart left stranded on a desert island. 


I know I needed to change course, but how? 


To regain control of my emotional world i started to translate my emotions into images. I wanted to make them tangible by turning them into archetypes, masks and characters. Using different storytelling techniques allowed me to start a dialogue with my emotions. I was able to look at them from different perspectives and feel them fully without acting upon them. 

Slowly, I became aware of the things that brought me joy and I started to release my self-judgements and confining perceptions. I used to think that life happened to me and I had no control over it. Now I know it is my responsibility to make the right choices to create the life I want.  

Where it all started…

I have always loved stories. As a child, my favourite moment of the day was when I was read a bedtime story - one of the few real happy memories that I have from my childhood. I crawled under the blanket in my bunk bed, safely surrounded by my stuffed animals, I could not wait for the book to be opened so that I could explore new worlds. As I closed my eyes, I journeyed into the lives of others.


Storytelling helped me to face and overcome my deepest fears and become the hero of my own story. Now I want to help others to become the hero of their story.