For years I had demons that plagued me from sitting in the director's chair of my life. I was drowning in an ocean of my own grief. It blinded me to the beauty this world has to offer. Afraid to say something wrong I stifled my voice. In an attempt to conform to the status quo, I slowly transformed into an ice-queen.

Last year I gave myself permission to open up to life, to wear my scars proudly and allow myself to be touched by other people’s stories. The traits I was scolded for in my childhood turned out to be my greatest gifts. These voices were grateful to finally get a place at the table. Together we decided it was time to stop trying to be like the rest and focus more on being myself. Out of that desire ABS was born, a practical approach to personal storytelling.    

My playfulness, boundless imagination and infinite thirst to understand human beings are forces to be reckoned with. I respect the fragility of the heart and the sternness of the head, knowing they will always need each other. I cherish all the elements of what it is to be human and I care for stories that are genuine, authentic and vulnerable.     

​With my work I hope to inspire, empower and connect others to their own story and to the stories of others.



Autobiographical storyteller - visual artist - entrepreneur


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