Their stories inspired me to dream, depict and imagine other perspectives about myself and I would regale my fluffy friends with stories envisioning and embodying different futures for us. 

Now years later...

My fascination for autobiographical storytelling and the important role that stories play in human life and in cultural creations such as art has continued to deepen. Over the past decade I extensively researched personal and narrative identity in regards to art and performance. By emerging myself in both mastering the art of visual language and the embodiment of stories I have created a rich palette and multi-layered outlook on personal storytelling. The multi-faceted nature of human beings and the dynamic relationship between our personal stories and self, the artwork we make and the construct of our identity are subjects I explore in my teaching and projects.     

Within my personal work I investigate the following themes: the function and mechanics of emotion in storytelling. The relationship between social and gender role/expectations. The development and need for a personal truth/reality and the effect of time and space (4D) on stories and experience. Subtopics such as the value of information, language, oversharing, ethics, ownership and privacy are inextricably linked once the personal comes into focus. 

Starting from a personal perspective I traverse the subject to converge it with a universal perspective always looking to merge opposing views creating a deeper understanding of human consciousness. I am a strong believer that the content of the story determines the form and that stories are the glue that keeps everything we believe in together. 

I respect the fragility of the heart and the sternness of the head, knowing they will always need each other. I cherish all the elements of what it is to be human and I care for stories that are genuine, authentic and innovative: offering new and different perspectives on personal and universal themes.     

                                                                                  Frouwke Florentina Hendriks                                                                     

Interdisciplinary artist - entrepreneur



Where it all started…

I have always loved stories, especially first person narratives. As a child, my favourite moment of the day was bedtime story. Safely covered under the blanket in my bunk bed, surrounded by my favourite stuffed animals, I was filled with anticipation. While closing my eyes, I journeyed into the lives of others. Mesmerised by the adventures of my favourite characters, I discovered new worlds within myself.