Autobiographical storytelling (ABS) is a practical storytelling approach. This personal method has been developed through exercises, tools & insights from scriptwriting, directing, acting, personal development, psychology, neuroplasticity, childhood trauma research, personal branding, marketing and mindfulness — refocused into this practice of personal storytelling.  

ABS helps to make internal processes, conscious, enabling you to take the reigns of your own story. The eloquent storytelling ingredient makes it a fun method to learn more about yourself and a great tool to get your message across. 

The goal is to empower you to give a voice to the complex and multifaceted layers within yourself. 



Stories have enormous strength, they shape our reality and filter what we invite into our lives.

A lot of what we express about ourselves are remnants of the past (both positive and negative). Outdated belief systems, inherited from our upbringing and negative experiences collect in the dungeon of our subconscious — silently imprisoning us into adulthood. Causing our inner-landscape to wilt and life to become more of an obligation than an adventure. This is an example of how a story can negatively affect and define you.

The other side of the same coin is creation. You can turn the wheel, take control and use the same power to redefine your narrative, speak up and really touch your audience. 

This is where the magic happens.

Mohammed Hash

Director, actor, AUS/Egypt

Either video documentation, still images or writing 

Frouwke's work takes you on journeys of the soul, self discovery and safe psychological and intimate portrayals of what it is to be human and how we are flawed but also perfect at the same time.

James Scurry

Founder Green Tree Films, UK

"Confronting, yet tender Frouwke's films and artwork speak of the many words unsaid that exist in all of us. An exceptional filmmaker with an eye for detail and a talent for expressing her internal world in incredibly unique ways.  Her search for truth and meaning in even the most difficult of circumstances reaches into the deepest recesses of the human soul."

David Morris

Writer & director, AUS

"I believe Frouwke’s strengths lie in her heartfelt approach to storytelling. She truly believes that everyone has the ability to connect with their emotions and personal stories – and more importantly understands the great power in doing this."

Tim mc Cormick

Location Sound Recordist, Sound Designer, AUS

"Frouwke is an empathic creative visionary who is capable of weaving all the strands together to form meaningful and beautiful work. She is somewhat of a translator and can help interpret people’s stories into moving and captivating content."

Silvio Zangarini

Photographer, NL

"Complex and strong, clear and coherent: working with Frouwke has always been exciting and challenging."